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Using Content Query Web Part in MOSS 2007

Content Query Web Part is a way from which you can query different lists at a time and display in web part. Even if you think that you want to display different documents links at a time in web part then also Content Query Web Part is the way you can turn the things around. Even that’s not only with single site but entire site collection.

In short, you can display links to the items from following:
(1) Throughout your site collection.
(2) In one specific site and all of its sub sites.
(3) In one specific list.

Note: The Content Query Web Part is available only in sites that are located on a server running Office SharePoint Server 2007. The server administrator must make this Web Part available in the Web Parts Gallery of the top-level site in the site collection. Also, you must have authoring permissions for the top-level site in order to open and edit page layouts.

Once you have placed a Content Query Web Part, it’s now time to customize the query that best suits your requirement among site or site collection. You can even query by list type, content type. You can also supply filters so that result will get filtered and displayed based on your filter criteria specified.

Display all of the announcements lists in the site collection

(1) With the page layout open in Design view, double-click the Content Query Web Part.
(2) In the Content Query Web Part dialog box, click the plus sign (+) next to Query to expand it.
(3) In the List Type section, in the Show items from this list type list, click Announcements.
(4) Click OK.
(5) To preview the page layout with the Content Query Web Part in it, click
Preview in browser on the Common toolbar.

The page appears in the browser, displaying a list of links to every announcements list from every site in the site collection.

Display a list of links to all graphics in the site, grouped by width

1. With the page layout open in Design view, double-click the Content Query Web Part.
2. In the Content Query Web Part dialog box, click the plus sign (+) next to Query to expand it.
3. In the Source section, click Show items from all sites in this site collection.
4. In the List Type section, in the Show items from this list type list, click Picture Library.
5. In the Content Type section, in the Show items from this list type group list, click <All Content Types>.
6. Click the plus sign (+) next to Presentation to expand it.
7. In the Grouping and Sorting section, in the Group items by list, click Picture Width.
8. Click OK.
9. To preview the page layout with the Content Query Web Part in it, click Preview on the Common toolbar.

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Kavitha said...

I need help with this situation. i ma pretty new to share point.

i have thsi requirement

We have a share for our documents \\cscrdvutf101\835Splitter$\
and we would like to give read only access to the files under the folders on share, Based on their region.

We have created following user groups for each region.


All the users in KPHC-SCSplitter-Users shoule be able to read following folder files.



for all the KPHC-NCSplitter-Users users they need to read



mid atlantic users



Hawaii users



Can you please help us on this. What would be the best way to share these files using sharepoint.

Jayesh Prajapati said...

Hi kavitha,
If you have Different folers in your document library region wise like SCAL,NCAL,MAS then go to your document libary From ECB select Manage Permission option and give permission accordingly..

Alejandro said...

Hello Everybody,

Currently I am in a situation where I have to integrate MOSS (Standard License) with several Line of Business (LOB) applications such as SAP, CRM, HRM…etc.

Of course, I needless to say about how much is important and how much we really need to integrate MOSS with LOB applications (As a matter of fact, most of the projects I have worked on, I dealt with integrations).

For example, I am importing data (e.g. employee info) from SAP and displaying them on MOSS, and so with other applications.

As it known that MOSS 2007 provides such a wonderful feature which is Business Data Catalog (BDC), but unfortunately this feature comes only with Enterprise License which is very very very expensive compare to the Standard License.

Since am working on MOSS 2007-Standard License and dealing with several integrations, I realized that the approach of doing the integration is not really solid way. Sometimes, I use web-services and other times I import XML files, not to mention the unlimited number of problems I’m facing in mapping attributes/fields of the data between MOSS and SAP for example such as type conversion and sometimes I find that the amount of the imported data from SAP is 10 X times bigger that the allowed field in MOSS (some fields in MOSS just allow 255 characters while the imported data from SAP is 10000000 characters).

Most recently, I was thinking about the previous projects and how I handled each one of them individually (I personally think this way is not really practical or professional), and I get excited thinking about having a clear methodology/approach/guidelines or best practices in order to have a generic way for integration between MOSS and anything else. I’m strong believer this would contribute positively in having a smooth generic integration between MOSS and issues such as mapping data and type-conversion and connections should be clarified and outline the best ways to handle that.

Do you guys think that could be possible or is it inapplicable dream to have generic integrator for poor developers who can not afford to buy MOSS 2007 Enterprise License?

In case if your answer gonna be YES (Which precisely what I wish), could you please help me out and share your thoughts with me to outline the main ides of this generic integrator?

I look forward so badly to hearing your feedbacks


deepesh said...

hello eveyone
i am new to the product sharepoint
i am using wss
i want to add messenger to my sharepoint site
also i dont want to add msn messenger

can i do so
and also
can some one tell me how can i use a file named with .dwp that is a webpart how can i add it to my site or how to deploy it in my sharepoint site
plz help me i am a fresher
thank u in advance

Manoj Iyer said...

Hey Deepesh,

I appreciate your excitement for adding a messenger in Sharepoint.
Yes you can get a gadget like Cbox and place it on your Sharepoint page. Gadgets like these enable you to make an chat/messenger kind of interface.

Best Wishes,
SharePoint Team.

Anonymous said...


Can you please tell me what transport (IMAP, POP3 etc) is used for SharePoint emails?


pragna said...

Hi Team,
I have one document library in which i have one folder content type name "Proposal folder" which some set of column associated.
Now the problem is that when i "Save document library as template" the columns values for the content type does not come.

This is really urgent.. Thanks in advance.

SharePoint Kings said...

@pragna for that content type also needs to be deployed to the target computer first. that content type needs to have same id.

Madeswvimal said...

Hi Kings,

Actually my sharepoint left navigation contains more now we are scrolling down the page and viewing the navigation links.

I tried tree view but that look and feel is not good

So could you please give me the idea to solve this issue

Thanks for your help


SharePoint Kings said...


not sure but you can use javascript or jquery and create scroll for div but it's quite complex. and a lot of work in script

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