Monday, June 16, 2008

How to get a thumbnail view of an Image?

Hi All,

In MOSS we have picture library where we can upload images. But there is no way where you can display thumbnail view of an image.

All you have to do is just append “_t” to directory and convert period in filename with underscore character and append images extension.

Here are the samples:

If the Image URL is:


Change it to


You can also use _w instead of _t. This will give you larger image.

This idea is given by Robert Bogue (MVP)


Anonymous said...

Many thanks. I spent hours trying to get a datasheet view working with picture libraries. But your tip allows me to use a document library instead, and have an URL to a picture library, and properly display the thumbnail in the list view.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks. Saved me hours of work.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks. Saved me hours of work on lame workarounds.

Easwar said...

Is is possible to get thumbnail view of video upload as attachement?

Anonymous said...

I am trying to display the thumbnail on a public website, however it is not accessible to anonymous users (the full size image is). Any idea how to allow anonymous users access to the thumbnail?

SharePoint Kings said...

@Easwar not tried it so no idea about it.

@Anonymous: if site not accessible to anonymous then no content from site can be available to anonymous directly not even Image.

Jon Badgett said...

Small correction. The thumbnail will always be a jpeg, so if you have say test.gif - the new filename will be /_t/test_gif.jpg

Anonymous said...

Rename the file test_jpg and then add .jpg that does the trick. Thanks Jon!

Bharat Sachdeva said...

Many Thanks, Jon Badgett

It really saved my work.

Bharat Sachdeva said...

Thanks, Jon Badgett

It really saved my hours.

SharePoint Kings said...

@Jon Badgett,

thanks for our side as well for correction.

Anonymous said...

This's very simple, but it's help me very much! Thanks:)

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