Thursday, June 19, 2008

How to change file ordering in document library?

Hi All,

Lets take an example where you may need this kind of tricks to do.

When you add documents in document library it serves document as First entry is last in your document library. means the document that you have added first will also go last. Next document will be before that last document. so the bottom line is oldest document uploaded or created will be the last document in document library.

If you want to order them, means Lets say you want specific document to come first, then specific document to come second.. like this then here is the trick...

(1) Make one column in that document library.
(2) Name it "Sort By"
(3) Give preference number of your document
(4) Modify the default view with sort by column in your specific order

That's it. Now you will always have your documents at your wanted positions.


Gary Hostetler said...

That worked great for the documents but I cannot get the one folder in there to appear after the 13 documements. I even tried sorting by ID as it was the last ID but no go.


SharePoint Kings said...

Gary, not getting your exact requirement.

you mean to say you want folder at the 14th place after 12 document or you want folder also be sorted according ID only?

we had not check it for folder will get back to you whether it is working or not.

Sharepoint Kings team

Gordon Martin said...

Hi guys, I too am on a hunt to figure out how to sort folders in lists. I can sort list items just fine (your trick is a fine approach as well). But the folders stay put in the order they were created. Any idea how to sort folders by their name? Is there a particular field/column I am missing?

Thanks for any and all help!


Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me how to order the folder names the way I want them to appear in the Doc Library? Right now, whatever folder has had most recent edit made goes to top of list. thanks!

SharePoint Kings said...

Gordon Martin/Anonymous

we had not thought on folder.
it looks like its really a problem.

let us work on it. will get back to you asap.

Doreen said...

I am new to administering SharePoint so forgive my ignorance. I created a Sort By column in a form library so that user can customize the sort order of their items but am not able to populate the column with any data. When I view the library in datasheet view (so as to insert a value in sort by column) I get a "The selected cells are read-only" error message. This is a form library using a template classified as a content type. How can I allow custom sorting on this type of library?

SharePoint Kings said...

which type you selected as sort by?

few types are not editable in sheet view.

that;s what we can get from your explanation.

Gamze Çağlayan said...

I need to add 'sequence' column for folders and documents in the document library (SP2010). I have a problem, Column is not editable for folders in the datasheet view.

Help me please.


SharePoint Kings said...

In Datasheet view we can't change anything we have to use what is available :(

Anonymous said...

To change order of Document Libraries - Site Actions - Site Settings - Quick Launch - Change Order

Anonymous said...

What Anonymous said Nov 18 is perfect!

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