Friday, June 13, 2008

EURO CUP 2008 Web Part for MOSS 2007

Hi All,

Are you a Fan of EURO CUP? Well there you go. It’s very good news for EURO CUP lovers. Officially EURO has given a special service to be used in web part so that it gets available in your MOSS site.

All you need to do is this.

Go to this link

Register yourself. Please at least give e-mail Id correct otherwise you will not get the Key to activate this web part.

Soon you will get one e-Mail. In Email you will find your username, Password and one Key that you will need when you will use this web part on page. Username and Password will be same as you have given at the time of registration. Now go back to your mail and check there will be one more link

Click Here

Go to this link and enter your credentials that you got from mail and download that web part. That page will give you two options one is for SharePoint 2003 and right hand side there is one with MOSS 2007, download appropriate web part. When you download you will also find ReadMe.txt with it. Just read it, it’s very simple. It’s a WSP file so deploy it as solution using -o addsolution command of STSADM and then deploy solution with solution Management in Operations tab in your central administration. There you will find an option saying Choose a web application to deploy this solution. So select the web application for which you are enabling this web part.

And there you go, now go to any site in that web application, edit the page, and add that web part, and modify that web part and give key as property that you got in Mail. You can also give Proxy Settings in

You will get 3 web parts in miscellaneous category. (1) EURO 2008 Admin (2) EURO 2008 Game (3) EURO 2008 Ranking.

This is the screen shot taken from my system. Have a Look at them.

You have to place EURO 2008 Admin webpart in your own "MySite", it will not allow you to use it as public site.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love FootBall...I love SharePoint...
But you have set a blend between.
Thats cool.
Hats off

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