Friday, June 13, 2008

Dragging Left navigation Bar in MOSS 2007

Hi All,

Let me give you a scenario where you may need this kind of feature available. Lets say you are having a long named List Or document library, at that time you will find that name will break to the next line. (See below image)

Let me give you better example. In your document library you are having many folders. Inside each folders you have many other folders as well.

Now you would definitely not like the default structure of left navigation menu. So we can change it to TreeView so that we can explore the things around. But here also you will face one problem. Problem in terms of scrolling horizontally left to right and right to left. How nice will it be if you get something like Arrow from which you can just drag the left navigation bar to any amount to right side so that you get rid of scrolling.

For this you need to place one javascript in master page (default.master). If you have customized master page, then change in that master page.

Note : Make sure that you place this javascript after </BODY> tag. That means between </BODY> and </HTML> tag in master page.

Here is a link from where you can download this javascript.

Click Here to Download

Have a look at this snapshot taken from my PC.

This script will automatically saves the previous location of scrolled position so that it doesn't get lost between server trips.

When you move your mouse pointer to that area between content page and left navigation bar, you will notice that cursor gets changed and now you can drag according to your convenience.

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