Saturday, July 19, 2008

Custom membership provider using SharePoint Custom List

SharePoint List Membership Provider.
Custom membership provider using SharePoint Custom List.
Here is Form Based Authentication using SharePoint custom list. Users profile is stored in Custom SharePoint List.
This utility is useful when you want you site users name, password and other user related information stored in Custom SharePoint List and you want Form Base Authentication (FBA) using this custom list. You can mange user from list.

click here to download Assembly and Configuration guide.
  1. solution contains sample userprofile.stp for List
  2. Configuration guide.
  3. source code will be provided on demand.

click here to download utility.

To get utility source code so you can modify according to your requrement write us from Email to SharePoint kings link with Subject "Custom Membership Provider" and your email ID.


Steve said...

Are you syncing your custom UserProfile List with Sharepoint's internal profile list, or is there a way to add the Membership columns to the existing sharepoint/wss profile list with user restrictions on the sensitive membership columns?

I'm thinking about creating a Membership ContentType that is added to the existing profile list as a feature with application pages to view/edit. Can you restrict users from added this ContentType to their own custom lists.


SharePoint Kings said...

hi steve,
yes you can sync profile list with sharepoint internal profile using sharepoint object model.we can provide you working source code you need to change it according to your need. I am not sure for your rest of requirement. can you elaborate it?

Sherin said...

Hi team,
How can we manage change password as a seperate link than showing in the list with this??

Anonymous said...

After the installation when you try to login, login page reloads itself, what can cause such a problem?

SharePoint Kings said...

you might be missing something. Please check the error log. and try to reconfigure again.

pmatthe1 said...


Would it be possible to publish your source code for this post.


Jesus said...

thank you very much, it's great.

Could you explain that would have to do to adapt to 2010

SharePoint Kings said...


concept of membership provider will be the some so it should work on 2010 also.

only thing you need to change is how to connect our provider from web.config

we had not tried it in 2010 yet, but we will surely do once we will get time.

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