Friday, July 18, 2008

Collapsible Panel extender CSS issue with Moss

Since I start implementing AJAX in moss, we are facing problem with most of the every control.
Asp.Net Ajax Controls is not easy to integrate with SharePoint.

In my previous post I solve problem with Tab Container with header display issue.

Now, here I’m explaining collapsible panel extender issue with SharePoint /Moss.
I am facing a problem that Collapsible Panel is not collapsing in SharePoint/Moss webpart.

By default it should hide the content area and on clicking on the header it should expand the content area.
But it is not working as easily like it is working in Simple Asp.Net application.

In my case collapsible panel is not hiding content, it just flicker and again come to the same position as it is in default position.

So from this behavior what I think is that if it is (same code) working in standard than there is not any problem in control but because it is rendering in SharePoint and because of SharePoint’s JavaScript/JS and its CSS it conflicting with something while rendering.

So first I start with CSS because defiantly it’s easy.

Now if you check your AjaxControlToolKit -- > sample website --> StyleSheet.css

You will find two css class under “/*CollapsiblePanel*/”

One is “.collapsePanel”
Other is “.collapsePanelHeader”

So I used it in my .ascx (sorry I forget to explain that I’m using user control for webpart)
By adding <style type="text/css" > </style> tag.

As we are not facing any problem in header so there is no need to touch that CSS.

So by trial and error I found one solution.

I have to add in the div of content panel

And have to set two properties of “CollapsiblePanelExtender”

Here is the working code

<style type="text/css" >
/* IE theme – Backgrounds */
.collapsePanel {

background-image: url(images/bg-menu-main.png);

<asp:Panel ID="Panelheader" runat="server" style="cursor:pointer;" >
<div id="div1" runat="server" >want to check its working or not ?</div>
<br />
<asp:Panel id="Panelcontent" runat="server" >
<div id="div2" style="height:0px;position:absolute;" >
your data will go here
<br />
<br />
<br />
it's working ....


Manoj Kr. Garg said...

Thanks a lot.. was looking for same..

Manoj Garg

qteJane said...

Half a day's hard work took me eventually here & pb solved!
Although I was using overflow:hidden on my panel, it still showed up expanded (but only in IE7, in Mozilla it worked and displayed just fine!).
The trick was placing your div inside the panel with the very important style attributes style='height:0px;position:absolute'.

Rumesh said...


Yes. Yes. It works. Thank you very much

Sean said...

Worked great. thank you.

naga said...

Can you tell me how to do this programatically?

naga said...

Can you tell me how I can achieve the same programatically

shweta said...

Thanks for the post. It solved my problem too.. now it is expanding the content panel but as I apply "position:absolute" to the table in the content panel, the border of the content panel disappears.. I m not able to give border to the content panel. Please help me...

SharePoint Kings said...


what you want to do programatically?

SharePoint Kings said...


because of "position:absolute" border should not be removed. that might be something else that is effecting.

try to remove position and check whether border is coming or not, then also try apply some style to give border explicitly.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the post. I have one question/problem:

Since position for the panel is absolute now, you can't have any other control or webpart below the panel right?


SharePoint Kings said...

@Ali You can have it panel absolute will not affect.

winnietigrou said...

Awsome, thank you very much

JAS said...

thanks. But by providing ExpandedSize to the cpe, it always opens to this size. How can I made this expanded size dynamic?

SharePoint Kings said...

we face same issue, but you can set dynamic size by code.

but we still not found how to make it auto increase if controls are bigger.

ddubs said...

I am tryin to create a Collapse Menu for Shrepoint Site in the left menu side of the page

Its a Tasker button that u click & it go right to left .

Where in Sharepoint Designer 2010
in Web Part Can I create this????

SharePoint Kings said...


can you please explain in details what you are trying to do and where SharePoint designer comes into picture.

Pravesh Singh said...

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