Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Checked out issue in document Library

Hi All,

Once i dived in document library and i was exploring several things. Now let me come to a very interesting way i proceeded and found the issue.

Lets say you are working with document library.

Now there are three ways you can upload a document.

One is directly creating new document in library.
Second you upload file (single or multiple)
Third open in windows explorer

Now lets say you make one more column called Document Type as choice field and place three values. Appointment Letter , Resignation letter, Confirmation Letter. Keep that field as required field.

And now you have one more column in document library with one drop down having three choices.

Now Click on New document, you will find that Document Type as drop down in ribbon on Microsoft word when you open it.

And if you do not select the Document Type, it will prompt you to select it because its required field.

And when you select it and save it. that document will be check in and then saved it in document library.

Now go for second option.

Try to upload a document from Upload Menu option and upload document, there also it will ask you to select document type and then you will be able to check in the file.

But now go for third scenario.

Open in windows explorer and try to copy and paste the document or just drag a document to the explorer window of that document library. and guess what ,....you find document is checked-out and saved in document library and no other person will able to see except person who have placed the document.

This happened because you never specified required filed which is Document Type there while you are just dragging .

even if you try to check-in from ECB menu of that item, it will show Error displaying that you have to fill all the required columns. So all you need to do it open that document and select document type and then check in.

Is it a issue or feature!!!! i am not able to figure out....

1 comment:

chiqnlips said...

i ran into this exact problem today! we thought we were saving time by just overwriting an existing file through windows explorer. thanks for the tip, at least now i know what the problem is.

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