Monday, March 26, 2012

Tasks list Visio diagram

Tasks list in SharePoint 2010 has got one new feature. When we are on a tasks list you can now see that there is an option on ribbon bar with create Visio diagram.

This is a great new feature that allows exporting the tasks data to Visio diagram and having that task list connect with that to see the changes that happens in the tasks list.

If you have fix set of tasks that are assigned to individual person who performs those tasks, then you can have a better look at those tasks by using this Visio diagram than to look at row data in the tasks list.

Yes one important thing to consider here is you must have Visio client if you wish to use this functionality.

Here I have tasks list and several tasks assigned just to demonstrate you.

Here I have some data with assigned to and task priority and task statuses.

Now clicking on create vision diagram will get us Visio diagram. Once the diagram is created, then you can see that you can have a look at the diagram in different ways.

1)    Through status
2)    Through workload distribution
3)    Incompleted tasks assigned to
4)    Workflow status

These options give us better visualization than looking at row data.

Same way you can explore the remaining two options. It also gives you an option to include more fields in the diagram from tasks list if you wish to see them also in diagram.

This diagram is connected with tasks list. Any changes into the items which are mapped with tasks list will automatically reflected in this diagram each time you open, manually click on refresh or set auto refresh.

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