Thursday, March 22, 2012

Converting document format from browser

Conversion timer job allows us to convert one document to another. As we have seen in previous posts. If you have not gone through previous posts I would recommend you reading them first and then continue reading from here.

Open the document library in which you would like to convert a document format.
I have shared document which I have opened up. When you select a document to convert and then open up the ECB menu, point to the convert this document

And then it asks you to convert a document to aspx page (a webpage). It allows us to configure certain options at that time. Make sure that the publishing feature is activated at this time otherwise it won't allow us to convert the document to a web page.

Click on create and then wait for few minutes if you have selected an option or else after few minutes you can go to pages library and can see that the word document has been converted to the aspx page.

Now what we are trying to do is to use ribbon convert document functionality. However it seems that it is uncovered topic in many of the web sites and not sure as how to use it and how to configure output library etc. We are still working on it.

If you get a chance to work on this feature, do let us know and we would share it with your name mentioned in the post.

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