Thursday, March 8, 2012

Document Library name and sub site name cannot be the same Issue


I faced an interesting technical blockage today. I wanted to create one sub site with name Report and I could not create it as it was throwing error saying this name already exist. I saw there was not sub site with this name. I being farm administrator, there was no any other issue of permission.

Then i realized and found that if your document library name is report and if you are trying to create sub site in the same site where this document library reside, then you cannot create sub site.

Of course because if its a lists, then we have /lists/ in URL but same is not the case with document library.
because what does SharePoint understand when you enter


Is it a sub site of {sitename} or library which is in {sitename}?

Try it your self. you won't be able to create a sub site with the same name of any document library in the site.

If you give different URL then it works, but then your URL changes.

Should Microsoft consider having /DocLibs/ as a part of document library URL going forward because of this limitation? :) 

Not sure if its a bug or limitation. It seems a limitation. But yes, it has got meaning not to allow us to create a site with that way.

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