Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to copy large SharePoint List data

Hi All,

I came across to a situation where in if you have a data in list which exceeds 500 MB then you cannot save it as a template. This is the limitation of list template. So question here is how to copy that list along with the data. This post is the answer to this query.

First all you need to do is create one view with all columns of the list in it. Export the list in spreadsheet. Save the spread sheet. Now go ahead and Click on Create in site Settings menu under your site. Select Import Spreadsheet under custom list. Give the name of the list, Click on Browse and select that saved spread sheet.

It will pop up one dialogue asking you for entering range. Select appropriate range type and give range and then finally click on Import.

It will automatically creates a list and give column names as Column1, column2 etc. All we have to do is modify the column names and types of field to our choice.

That’s it. Your job is done.


Anonymous said...

What to do if item had attachments?

P said...

regarding attachment,
Don't think sharepoint will give everything out of the box.

if yes, then no need for developers.

kesav7902 said...

choose the option with the access in the list menu.

and try to export for getting the attachments...


Abhay said...

What do you mean by saying "First all you need to do is create one view with all columns of the list in it" ? I have a list and I want that data to another list. I have a view of all items. But still I don't get any data in spreadsheet.
Can you please help with this?
My mail id is

SharePoint Kings said...


All items view does not contains all columns.
what article says create a view which contains all the columns available in create view.

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