Friday, February 19, 2010

CHM file issue in SharePoint

Hi All,

One week ago at home when I was reading some nice CHM file, I thought of putting it on my SharePoint site. I uploaded my chm file in one document library.

Wooh….when I opened it from document library I could not see the content on right frame. I again uploaded the same file; again it gave me the same result. When I open it on my machine and view it, it works really fine. However when I click on CHM file and open it, I can’t view any information on right frame. I wonder what the problem is.

Then I bing the information and I find out that it is the known issue to MS. Even you put CHM file o network share and try to open directly from network share location, then the same problem persists. You will not be able to see the content on right frame.

So bottom line is, whenever you click CHM file from document library, Save it on your local machine and then open it instead of opening the file directly. If you want it from network share, copy it from network share to your local machine and then view it.

Following are some blogs that has details regarding this.

Hope this helps.

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hpf97 said...

CHM problem in SharePoint has different origines :
1. By default, CHM is listed as a unauthorized file extension (see web application security settings)
2. Since IE7 (the CHM reader), CHM is considered as malicious file and its opening can not be done. So you have to modify the client registery. You can use HHreg.exe utilitu for this (

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