Friday, February 12, 2010

Customize SharePoint error page

Hi All,

Ever wondered about SharePoint error page? Well, I do wonder, why? Because I see two different error pages depending upon operations that I perform.

Sometimes you may require customizing the error page to give some messages as well. To do so, all you need to go is to inetpub folder.

There are two error pages.
1) Error.aspx – This is under LAYOUTS folder.
2) ERROR.htm – This is under LAYOUTS\1033.

Why are there two different error pages? You can get an answer to this question if you have observed two methods of deletion in SharePoint.

1) Click on a list item, you’ll see DispForm.aspx and there you can see an option to delete the item in toolbar. –Takes you to the error.aspx in case of any error.

2) You can select the dropdown menu from item and delete the item from there. – Takes you to an ERROR.htm in case of any error.

This is what I wanted to express in this post and you need to modify these two error pages if you wish to change anything in error page because we never know how user deletes an item.

Hope you like this trip.


P said...

great info guys,

I'll never know this from where this error page will come.

Tim Farrell said...

Will all errors be replaced by this custom error page? In other words, HTTP500, HTTP404, etc.?

Thank you for your comments.

Parth Patel said...


no not all error will redirected to this.

the error's from sharepoint like you can not activate feature, or if you set error from event handler or any error in sharepoint occur.

HTTP404 or HTTP500 is not sharepoint error its HTTP/IIS error

if your server(iis) is not able to find specific page or service unavailable then this error occur you can error page from iis for some errors.

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