Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Enhancement / Addition in WSS 3.0 compared to WSS 2.0

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Although a topic which is so old I guess, however many times people generally ask about the difference or should say new enhancements and additions in WSS 3.0 versions as compared to WSS 2.0.So in this article, I thought of sharing with you most important changes in WSS 3.0 compared to WSS 2.0.

Item security – Now you can set item level permissions in document library or list. You can also set the permissions on folder level as well.

RSS support – you can now view all updates of list or library by using RSS.

Tree View support – You can now view tree view of your site’s content and sub site and its content.

Survey – You can now have additional conditional branching and page breaks.

People and Group type – You can now use people and group field type to select any people or group.

Master Page – now the look and feel is controlled by master page.

Send to link – You can now send a link of document or send document to other locations.

Email receives – Libraries can now receive emails.New site templates – You can now use wikis and blogs site templates as well.

Link security – To show up a link, user at least should have read permission.

Gantt chart support – You can now create Gantt chart for any type of list based on start date and stop date.

Undelete – Now you can recover deleted list and library items.

Enhanced bread crumb – you can see the last visited page before the current one at the top of the page.

Workflow enhancements – Now any list or library can have one or more workflow associated with it.

Hope this is useful information, specially for interview. :)

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