Friday, November 14, 2008

Understanding Record Management Feature Part 3 - Barcode

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Let’s continue our record management feature to understand one more feature - Barcode.

When we think about barcode, we always think of any hardware or physical thing that can be identified by barcode reader. But now it’s time to change. We have barcode available in our record management feature in MOSS.

Barcode actually do not display any information for document library or not even for item that you have opened. It is all about storing important information online with barcode and its barcode matches with the physical copy of the document saving the sensitive information.

When barcode is enabled in the record management feature, it appears as one of the properties for the document item and we can see the barcode at the top of the document. It can be added and also removed from the document.
Just like labeling, you can enable to ask user to insert the barcode when item is saved in document library or printed. System then adds the barcode inside the document.

It actually generates Code 39 standard barcode value. Each barcode has one text below its image and that text is the numeric value from which that barcode is identified.

Ok, let’s understand barcode practically.

Step 1: Go to document library setting-> Information Management Policy settings ->Define Policy

Step 2: Select the Enable Barcode and prompt user to insert a barcode before saving or printing.

Step 3: check out these two fields are available in your View. One is Barcode and other one is Barcode Value.

Step 4: Once you have set the policy for barcode. Go back to library and create new document. Save it and when you do it, you will be prompted to insert a barcode.

Step 5: Go ahead and add it and then see the result will be like below.

Step 6: If you go and add the above fields in the Alldocuments.aspx view then you can see sillier to the below figure.

And when you open back that document, you’ll get that barcode in the document just similar to label.

I will continue series of record management feature in next article.


Anonymous said...

I have question, I've been able to do all the above for my library. Issue is I'm trying to change the barcode value. I get barcodes outside of sharepoint. Is there a way to enter a barcode and get the image as well?
Thank you,

SharePoint Kings said...

Not sure about that how to add barcode from out side because we had not tried this yet.

but we will defiantly try this and let you know if we found any way

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