Friday, November 14, 2008

Open Text brings case management to SharePoint

Open Text brings case management to SharePoint

Microsoft and Open Text have partnered to drive the creation of comprehensive business and industry-specific ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions leveraging customers’ significant investments in the Microsoft platform and productivity applications.

An Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, containing solid records management policies, helps energy organizations understand the content they have within their organization. It allows them to put disposition policies on their information to get the sheer amount of information growing in their organization under control. An ECM system also enables organizations to broadly implement litigation holds on content so that when they are subject to litigation, they have the capabilities to put the content on hold and ensure that content does not get disposed of inadvertently during the case or prior to the case

What Open Text offers ?

Open Text offers Open Text Case Management Framework--SharePoint edition will be able to create and retire cases, provide dashboard viewing, offer metadata inheritance, a rich desktop client with drag-and-drop functionality, and search, subscription, and lifecycle management capability across cases.

SharePoint can track and manage cases but that currently requires extensive customization development, or it would just have limited functionality. This program will allow companies (that functionality) who might not have the resources for such custom development

Open Text Case Management Framework, SharePoint Edition, delivers functionality to support a variety of development extensions to the SharePoint platform:

• Automatically create and retire SharePoint sites (cases)
• Adds a dashboard view for relevant cases
• Enhances the user model to provide exclusionary security (ethical walls)
• Provides meta data inheritance throughout the case
• Rich desktop client provides drag and drop of documents into cases
• Incorporates implicit records classification and life cycle management
• Adds seamless search across active and archived cases
• Adds subscription capabilities to cases

Below is the Open Text Case Management Framework, SharePoint Edition Guided Tour:

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