Saturday, September 13, 2008

SharePoint search Step by Step (Part 1)

This article is for How to using SharePoint search programmatically.

In this post we will show you only how to configure search from SSP.

Most of the time we have requirement for implementing custom SharePoint search. Because of custom business logic we need to search SharePoint content programmatically.

There is a lot of stuff available for SharePoint ECM search but not step by step from starting.

As this is our first post in search series so we are explaining the basic search.

The scenario: (in simple functional way)
We have a web application and in that a site collection.
In that site collection on the Top level site only we have lists and document libraries.
And we have to search on that site collection.
Search result will be on simple custom web part but not on the default one.
And the business logic must apply on result set. (We will take this in later posts)

Now here is how we start.
This post will explain how to configure SharePoint default search step by step.
1) Make SharePoint default search up and running.
2) After getting result in SharePoint default search we will get the crawled content programmatically.
3) Use Microsoft.Office.Server.Search DLL to query and get specific result according to business logic.

Step 1)
Prerequisite: you must have and admin rights to configure search.
3 services should be started
1) Windows SharePoint Services Search
2) Office SharePoint Server Search
3) Indexing Service

Here is the link from where we got the basic reference.

First as per screen shot go to edit properties of SSP and change your password with the current one. This is none mandatory step but better to do so.

Go to SSP site.
Click on search setting.

Change Default content access account: with admin account

Click on “Content sources and crawl schedules”.
Edit “Local Office SharePoint Server sites”
Remove your site collection from Start Addresses and press ok.

Than create new contain source with Content Source Type as SharePoint Sites

And Start Addresses as your site collection. (that you removed from local office SharePoint Server Site)

And start full crawl

After these steps your default search should start.

After default search is running we will move towards get search result programmatically but you have to wait for the next post.

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