Saturday, September 13, 2008

Backup Restore in Server Farm (Recover disaster in MOSS)

Hi All,
This post will help you when your SharePoint Central administrator site has got disappeared suddenly from IIS / not opening or corrupted yet all rest of the sites are working well.
Following solution will also let you know, how to take farm backup in SharePoint Server farm?
Ok guys then you need to follow the following steps to get it back.
First take full backup of your farm.
To take a backup of your farm when you have suppose two SharePoint Servers and One database server
1. Server A at IP
2. Server B at IP
3. Database Server C at IP
So create one folder at Server B ( C:\Backup name it “Backup” right click it and Share this folder and give rights to “Every one user”.
stsadm –o backup –directory -backupmethod
Fire command stsadm –o backup –directory file://$/backup -backupmethod “full”
Here, we are taking backup for our safety so that we can recover if any thing wrong happen.
Ok, good after taking backup take a backup of your all virtual directories because next step is to run SharePoint configuration wizard so it may replace your web.config in virtual directories so it is safe to take backup of virtual directories.
Now run SharePoint configuration wizard on any server. Select use existing server farm and select the same configuration database let wizard finish all steps.
Cheers, hope it will work for you.
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