Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Reusable workflows in SharePoint 2010 – Part 1

A long awaited feature has finally come to the SharePoint 2010 and the feature is reusable workflows. In earlier versions we could not create reusable workflows.

We now can create reusable workflow for a content type. Yes, there is one limitation which is we can create a reusable workflows only for content types. So when we add content type to list or library we get the workflow along with it which has logic attached to it.

We will see that in action. First we will create a content type, add that content type to list, then we will create a very simple workflow of course a reusable one which is attached to the content type that we will create and then we will see how that works with workflow in a library.

So go ahead and open SharePoint designer 2010. I am first going to create a site column and content types can only contain site columns.

Click on New site column, I am selecting Choice column and giving name and assigning to a new group and add some data to it.

So now we have site column in our site and we will now create content type.

Now create a new content type.

Now you can find it to the custom group that we gave

Now click on content type and go to its settings page

Click on edit content type columns and then click on add existing site columns from top left

And then select our site column to include the column in the content type.

Keeping the content type settings page open, click on administration web page from where we will associate document template with this content type.

Click on advanced settings, upload a document template. So now we have associated a document template with this content type.

Now is the time when we will add this content type to the existing document library.
Go back to designer, in all lists and library open the library on which you want this content type to be added.

Once the library opens, click on content type settings and add the department category content type to it.

Now we have that document template available in the library. To see that you can open this in browser and then see the library all items page and click on New.

Read Part-2 for further reading.

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