Monday, February 20, 2012

Document Library count differs from actual items

Today I faced a strange situation where when i went to see total number of items inside a document library and total items shown on the viewlsts.aspx page differs.

I went to check the items inside document library.There were four folders and inside them there were documents. Now when I saw all those folders and files inside it, total count came to 39 and the viewlsts.aspx was showing me 45 items.

What can be the reason? Where are remaining documents? Well, the answer is very simple and a logical at the same time.

When you are working with publishing site and when you are writing any document but still in draft mode then that document is also counted as a part of library but will not be shown inside library as it is not yet published.

So I went to a document library settings, checked Manage checked out files under permissions and management and bingo I found the remaining 6 documents who were still in draft mode.

Now the total matches. Hope this interesting finding help you.

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