Thursday, February 16, 2012

Integrating Facebook comments into SharePoint

Here is an interesting topic. Almost all of us have Facebook account. What if you would like to post a comment in your blog site or even in to a team site without posting it as a network windows account.

Seems to be an interesting topic right? Well yes, and the answer lies in Joels Oleson’s effort. We would like to thank Joel for creating such a fantastic functionality.

You can find the WSP here. 

The advantage is it’s a sandbox solution, so even you do not have to depend of farm administrator to install it for you.

Now I assume that you have deployed that WSP in the solutions gallery and activated.

Go to a page where you want to have this web part shown. Edit the page and add web part. You will find under social collaboration section a web part called FBCommentsBoxWebPart. Add that webpart to a page.

The moment you add a web part, you get something like this and then you would be able to add comments using different social media.

I hope this will help many and you will use it whenever possible.


Anonymous said...

This is an incredible solution I'd like to add to our company's SP site. However, I'm not versed at deploying WSP. Can you help? Thanks - OC

SharePoint Kings said...

Anonymous (OC),

its STSADM command only :)

Derek Smith said...

This appears to be a SharePoint 2010 solution. Have you found any comparable option for 2007?

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