Monday, July 19, 2010

Create an alert for specific view

Hi All,

While creating an alert in the list, we often see one option which says we can create an alert for some specific views. This is obvious because there are so many people might work on that list and everybody is not interested in everybody’s task.

Hence we opt of creating alert for specific views. However when you see the view options while creating an alert, you do not see all views that are there for the list.

Criteria for a view to appear in alert selection list are:

1) That view should be a public view.
2) It must have where clause.
3) It should not have content approval.
4) It cannot be a hidden view.

If view fits in to above criteria, then that view will appear in the selection list while creating alert.


Pentalogic said...

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Anonymous said...

I would also add as a criteria that the filter logic cannot include any maths, e.g. [Today]+40 does work within a view but that view is no longer eligible for an alert (but [today] on its own is okay - hence make a calcualted column which is equal to [today]+40).

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