Monday, October 20, 2008

MOSS List Open Item in New Window

I would like to start article by first thanking for providing a wonderful utility.

We can use the following simple steps to open a item in new Window when someone clicks on a Document in a Document Library or clicks on a List Item in a List in MOSS inspite of clicking "Open in the new window".

First of all download DWP file unzip it and save it in your system
Browse to the ListView page of a SharePoint List or Document Library.
Replace the URL in your browser's address bar with the following text and then press (the Import ToolPane will show when the page posts back ):
Click the Browse... button, locate the DWP you saved in the first step, and click the Open button.
Click the Upload button.
Drag and drop the Web Part into the Web Zone below the existing Web Part.
That's it! It works on nearly every SharePoint List Type (including Document Libraries with the exception of Picture Libraries).


Anonymous said...

Thanks but I was not able to get this to work in a calendar list. It works if I have the page in edit mode. Strange. Any advice?

Anonymous said...

This is great! A simpler way to put it on the page is to do the following...
1. Click on Add Web Part.
2. Click on Advanced Web Part Settings.
3. Click on Browse and select Import.
4. Import the file and you are set.

Anonymous said...

Really Good, but how do I get the new window to be full screen?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, this was easy and works well!

Anonymous said...

I was going to reference this post in a presentation for SharePoint Saturday, but the dwp file is no longer there...

Anonymous said...

The DWp is still there...just right click and then save. This seems to apply to all links on the page, not just those in the same web part zone...however in my case that is what I needed and it worked great!

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