Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hide / Remove Title column from Sharepoint List

Hi All,

Many times i thought that there must be a way to get rid of this Title column, because it's name does not suit the business requirements most of the time.

so i think best option is to rename the Title column so at least user can feel some good look about that field. Although that is different thing that in code , we still have to refer that field as Title column only.

Is that a best solution? i do not think so. so i though of digging a bit in content types and all and found out one interesting thing.

After digging in this at some extent, i got a conclusion saying that Title column can be considered as a content type column. let me explain you why and that actually gives answer to the post also. Follow the steps mentioned below.

Well here we go :

(1)Go to Your list settings on which you want to hide/remove title column.
(2)Go to advanced settings of that list.
(3)Click on yes at very first option. Allow management of content types.
(4)Once you do this, one more setting panel becomes visible in advanced settings options. check out the figure below.

(5)Now click on that Item content Type.
(6)As you can see here you will find all columns are listed along with Title column.
(7)Click on that Title column. you will see a page similar to this.

(8)Select the last radio button which is Hidden.
(9)save all settings and then go back to list and click on new Item and see... now Title column is no more there....

Make sure that you also remove all reference of Title column from views because it is hidden now but still it will be there in views.

That's it. your job is done.


My Blog said...

If we hide the title column,How can we edit an list item

Parth Patel said...

change the view.

add "Edit (link to edit item)" you will have a button for editing the item.

JohnO said...

Nice post. Verry helpful (unlike the MS help!)

Norbert said...

One side effect is that you always get the headline "ListItem (no title)" in edit forms - how could this be resolved ?

Sylvain said...

This is AWESOME ! God I was looking for that for a long time !

SharePoint Kings said...


you can avoid by removing it from view or use event handler to fill it with some column.

Stefanie said...

I did remove it from the view but it still says (no title)

Can I have it default to another column? "list item: date field" ?

SharePoint Kings said...


you can add Edit (link to edit item) in view

other option is
you can use event handle and fill title column with some field value and remove that field from view

you can implement same ECB menu by programming only...

coleen said...

What if I want to 'Group By' a column I've created?

SharePoint Kings said...

create a view with group by of your column.

Harmeet Singh said...

Thanx a ton for posting this :)
Harmeet Singh Bhamra

SharePoint Kings said...

thanks Harmeet.

Till said...

This does not seem to work on a calculated column, right? The Options to choose between "Required", "Optional" and "Hidden" are greyed out.

SharePoint Kings said...

yes you are right, this is because its not column in DB its just kind of function and internally sharepoint is just getting in select query so that might be the reason its not possible for calculated column.

good catch :)

Shivya Nautiyal said...

Thanks for the detailed post. Was indeed a great help .

Raj said...

You are AWESOME.....

david said...

Is there a way to edit title's column in document library?

Please advice :)

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