Saturday, May 31, 2008

How to restore site using content db only

To restore a site on the same or different machine using the content db backup follow the steps given below:

  1. Create a new Web application on the destination server.
  2. Go to central admin --> content database . Click on the new web app content db.
  3. Remove the content db.
  4. Go to SQL server mgmt studio and create a new db with the same name as the content db backup you are having.
  5. After creation right click restore. Choose the backup file location. From the options tab choose 'overwrite'.
  6. Restore this db backup.
  7. Go to central admin --> content database again and select ' add a content db ' to the web application.
  8. specify the name of the restored db.
  9. Done


CMc said...

I'm having deployment issuse trying to refresh a dev site from production and needed to do it without Deploying

This sounds like exactly what I am looking for. Thanks! One question though; in your description you mention creating the restored content db with the same name as the backup... Does that mean it has to have the same name as the original on the production site? Both sites are on the same SQL server so that can't happen.

T-Mak said...

Thanks for this. It was pretty straight forward. Though I had to do some extra steps when restoring the backup to a new server in a new domain. In central admin > site collection administrators, set a user (local or domain) as the Primary or Secondary Site collection administrator. This allowed me access to the site and content.
This was only for the purpose of restoring and gaining access to the content.

SharePoint Kings said...

Thanks T-Mak (Yeung Ming),

you are correct. we need to set user.

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