Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Extended properties in Tasks and Workflow History List

Hi All,

When you add any column to the Tasks list and also to the Workflow history list, that time you can add values in that column with the help of extendedproperties not with the properties.

Basically what happens is when you add column, you should be able to access values and assign values as Properties. But here you have to use extendedproperties collection.

In bottom line, what happens is if any of the key name does not match with existing column, it gets written in SPListItem.Properties according to this article .

But what i have noticed is that SPWorkflowTaskProperties.ExtendedProperties does not corelate with SPWorkflowTaskProperties.Properties because if you are adding field then you should be able to access it with SPWorkflowTaskProperties.Properties, but that is not the case, you have to use ExtendedProperties.

I am not sure about this being bug or not. But this was the case happened with me. So i thought this is something to share with all.

Thank you

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Saurabh said...

Hi SPKings

please give us the example or Sample code for Sequential Workflow with OnWorkflowItemChanged event.

i need to get the Old SPListItem Values before updating the SPListItem in Workflow.(eg. i want to send email to the person who has been added to SPListItem)

Kind Regards,

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