Friday, June 10, 2011

Remove all response from SharePoint survey

I just observed that there is no direct option to remove all responses from survey. Well I ran a survey in SharePoint and I got over 1000 response. Now when I went to remove all of them, there is no way in survey list. Not in Actions menu and nowhere else on the survey.

Also there is no Edit in datasheet option is available.

So, where did I go? I went to the content and structure from site settings and selected the list from left side and all responses appear on the right side. If you have many responses, I recommend change the number of items to 1000 instead of 100 on top right corner. Select all and then start removing.

I hope this helps.

Read Remove all survey response from web service


KC Ryan said...

Thanks for the post. I could not change the count to 1,000 (received "out of memory" error), but I was able to change it to 500, which made deleting responses easier. Note: Due to incomplete responses (see, the number of responses in the Overview is incorrect. I found a way to fix it in the database (To fix, you can update the database, as explained in these articles:, but I do not like modifying the SharePoint database. If you have a solution to this, can you please post it? Thanks

SharePoint Kings said...

Thanks Ryan for info

but actually your direct DB change is not supported by Microsoft.

we will try to find something if possible.

again thanks for sharing.

Mani Kandan said...

The best way to Remove All Responses from SharePoint Survey is: using "Site Content and Structure Manager". Go to Site Actions > Site Content and Structure Manager'

Find the detailed example at: How to Remove All Responses from SharePoint Survey

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