Thursday, December 4, 2008

Enterprise Custom Fields with project server (PWA) Part-1

Hi guys,

With the request from the users we are here with another post for Enterprise Custom fields with project server (PWA).

We will go step by step to understand how custom field works in PWA or project server.

What is Enterprise Custom Fields?
In simple word Enterprise Custom Fields are useful for storing some extra value or parameter regarding the project.

That value can be useful for reporting or some kind of bifurcation or filtration or to indicating some value which is related to project for business but not in technical term.

You can say it’s a tag that we can give to any project.

How to Use Enterprise Custom Fields?
Let’s have an example:
You are using project server as a repository to monitor all your projects in your organization.

Now suppose you have multiple clients and you are using only one instance of PWA or project server (and you should).
So in this scenario your may have multiple project from multiple clients in same place now how to bifurcate which project is form which client.

At this moment you can use Enterprise custom Fields to store client name and use this as a filtration. This is the simplest example so that everyone can understand what is the use of this Custom Fields.

But in the real scenario this fields can be use in many-many other ways.

Types OF Use Enterprise Custom Fields
You can create Custom Fields against each project, against each Resource or against each task.
So you can create Custom Field by project, Custom Field by Resource, Custom Field by task.

How PWA or Project Server Works with Use Enterprise Custom Fields?
You will find Enterprise Custom Fields in
Server Settings -> Enterprise Custom Field Definition.

Over there you will find some of the predefined Custom Fields.

This place is the repository of custom fields like master location of custom fields.
First you have to create new custom field over here just like entering in master (one time job).

Then that custom field will be available to that entity (project, resource or task).
For an example if you create a custom field with entity project then that custom field available in each project.

You can field that custom field available to each project.
Please check graphical representation for understanding.

Most of the functional points are covered regarding Enterprise Custom Field.

We will come soon with implementation of Custom Field programmatically.

Mean while if you have any doubt then please feel free to comment over here.


fbi said...


I wonder if it is possible to get resource names (from the resourcepool) as a choice in a custom field at project level.

I tried it with a formula for a field (Entity:Project, Format:text)
MyCustomField = [Resourcenames]
but this does not work.

Do you have an idea?

SharePoint Kings said...

If you want to get resource programmatically then you can use Resource web service. and proj tool is the best source for this.

your trick is good,
have to try it :)

Anonymous said...

I've read the custom text field has a character limit of 250. We want an unlimited text field (blob so to speak), in which the PM's can enter their status report with as much verbiage as they want. I would like to put this into some sort of dialog box off the menu where they can enter this for the project.

Is there a way to create a text custom field large than 250 characters?

SharePoint Kings said...

your required is genuine but doesn't looks like that is possible with custom field.

Anonymous said...

How to set a custom field value of a resource while creating a resource using resource.asmx?

SharePoint Kings said...

we had not done that by our self but you can check "proj tool", sample windows application available in SDK, you will get sample code from there.

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