Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Access denied or Cannot complete this action error message when you try to connect to a Windows SharePoint Services Web site

Hi All,
            One of the most common error message encountered while working with SharePoint Site is access denied or cannot complete this action. Have you ever wondered what is the reason behind this??
Let me tell you.. First have a look at this Microsoft Support Article:

In addition to this i sometimes got this error message in the event viewer log as well. I developed a custom web part and deployed its dll's in the bin folder of the site. When i tried to add the webpart on a web part page i got the access denied error message. Somehow i could not figure out why i am getting the error message even though i am the administrator of the site and machine.
Then i studied the error message in detail. It was mentioned that error message is getting generated because the account under which the service is running is not having permission to access the bin folder of the site.
Then i simply went to the virtual directory folder of the site and clicked on the properties of the bin folder(Right Click --> Properties). I selected the security tab and found out that the account under which the wss services were running (Network Service Account) was not present at all.
I added the network service account and gave appropriate rights and that's it !!! Webpart started working....
I hope this blog post will reduce your headache to a cetain extent. 
Still if you are facing problems like this and couldn't find solution contact and we will help you out.


Nisha said...


I deployed a custom application deployed on my site. It was working very good till yesterday but today I am getting the message "Cannot complete this action". Can you please suggest?

SharePoint Kings said...

Hi Nisha,

You get this error when server has some resourse crunch sometime. There is nothing wrong from your end.

This happens with us as well and when we try after some time, it starts working again.

Is this the case with you? If no, then do let us know. we will see more on this.

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