Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Managed Metadata for localization

In this post we are going to see how managed metadata term store can be useful while considering localization in the form of values shown in the list and library item if the field type is of managed metadata.

To see this first we are going to create a managed term store data in English and then we are going to create the same term values in Spanish values.

open up your site and go to site settings and locate term store management under site administration.

Best way to test this is import the sample file that comes default.

Click on managed metadata and then click on new group. and give name CountryTS

Keep English as the selected language from language option in menu Now click on the CountryTS group and click on add term set give name Countries. Click on countries and click on add new term and add these three countries.

Now Change the language to Spanish

To test we will just change the text and add Spanish at the end. So after changing it would look something like this.

Now in any of the list go to the list settings. Click on create column and add the field with the name countries. Type should be managed metadata and then select countries from the term store list.

Add couple of entires.

Now it should be like this

Now change the language from English to Spanish

and see the result

As you can see that it automatically changes the text based on the language selected from menu and it automatically pick up corresponding values from term store.

I hope this helps.

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