Thursday, May 10, 2012

Site Workflow in SharePoint 2010

In SharePoint 2010 we now have a new workflow which is site workflow. Just like how we can set a workflow on list, library and content type, now we can associate a workflow with the site.

Site workflow is different than list or library level workflow as it has advantages over them.

It can run on different libraries, different lists, and different items at the same time. We can check in, check out a document in one library, create an item in list, capture version of document set all in one workflow.

Other advantage is those site workflows are always triggered manually through site workflow link from view all site content page. The link to start the individual site workflow can be placed on any page as it does not involve any dynamic parameter.

If your site workflow has a requirement of interacting with user, then the form will be in InfoPath. Hence we can always go ahead and make changes to InfoPath form that workflow creates.

There are certain limitations of site workflow though. It cannot be created in Visio. Some actions related to current item are not available while creating site workflow

We would be diving into creating a site workflow and then test it how it works. I am taking a very simple example of creating orders with few fields. Real business scenario can simple be anything.

I’ve got a list called orders.

Now we are going to go and open our SharePoint Designer 2010. Connect with your site. click on workflows and then click on site workflows from ribbon.

Click on create list item in workflow designer.

Now before starting on this, we need certain parameters to start with. The form will have these parameters so that user can enter values in them and then those get inserted to the orders list.
Click on Initiate parameters from the ribbon.

Enter names of the parameters. These will be similar to our fields in the list.

In this way, define all four parameters.

So at the end, you should have something like this.

Now click on create list link and that will open up a dialog which allows us to select the list 

where we want to create an item and then bind parameters to the fields from that list.

In this way associate all parameters to its respective fields.

At the end you should have something like this

Save and publish the workflow. Open the site and click on view all site content.

Click on site workflow.

You will find our workflow that we’ve just created.

Click on the order enter workflow and you’ll be presented with the form. You can copy and use this URL wherever you want as it is a static URL to this workflow form.

Enter the values and you’ll see that workflow starts and then ends and at the end it creates an entry in orders list.

Now you must be wondering this form does not look good. If you observe the workflow settings page in designer, you can see one xsn InfoPath form has been created for us by Designer.

Click on that form to open in InfoPath to modify.

I’ve modified the form in this. Now save and publish back to the same location.

Try to start the site workflow now and you will see modified form this time.

I hope this will help to create site workflow. Do let us know if you have any questions or face any issues.

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