Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Metadata term store management - Part-4

If you have not gone through Part-1 to Part-3, I would recommend you reading them first and then continue reading from here.

In addition to categorizing items in SharePoint 2010, we can also allow users to select specific tags for list items that they create.

When we allow users to select tags for specific list items, they become available for sorting and searching which allows organization to look for certain information faster.

Let’s check this out by playing with list items. Go to list settings and create one column. Call it as Keyword

Make sure that if you select allow multiple values, then you will not be able to sort that column in view.

I’ve kept it single selection for term.

You can select the display format as well. Would you like to see entire path of the term or directly the term in Display Format setting. After that we can select the specific term set to define. That means we allow user only to select terms from that term set only and no other terms allowed. I’ve allowed only terms from Microsoft Term set that we’ve defined in earlier post. If you want to create custom term set, you can create there using custom term option.

You can also allow fill in option. Only open term set allows user to submit new terms to a term set. If the term set is closed, then even by setting this option will not allow user to submit the term to a term store.

If you click on the icon, you get a model screen to select term.

And when you want to sort and filter with terms in list view, you get options.

Hope this helps. Read Part-5 for further reading.

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