Friday, April 29, 2011

Managing user alerts

Managing user alerts is very important aspects of administrator. Many times we come across to a requirement asking Is there any way where I can see list of all users who have subscribe for an alert. Answer is yes, there is.

However, this can be view only by site administrator with full control and of course site collection administrator.

To view all user alerts, go to site settings - > User alerts under site administration. When you click on it and you come on the page where you can see list of all users who have subscribed for alerts.

Select specific users and then click on update, this will show you all alerts been subscribed by that user and from there you can remove the alerts if you want.

This might be useful because of one drawback that alert has. If you subscribe alert more than one time on same list for the same alert settings; i.e. let’s say I have subscribed for getting an alert if someone changes an item created by me. And I did the same procedure to subscribe for the same alert two times more, then when someone changes the item created by me, I will get three times alert not one time which is really a big problem for high level position people in the company and not acceptable at all.

Hence administrator will see alerts been subscribe three times, so admin can come here and remove duplicate alerts.

Individual user can manage alerts from their alerts section of the site and do the same thing, it’s just that administrator can see all user’s alert. Although this is tedious job to do; but it solves the purpose.

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Anonymous said...

Good info. SharePoint is a big step forward from Microsoft. However still there is a huge room of improvements needed in SharePoint which i hope MS will address to make it a perfect Collaboration tool in future realeses.

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