Wednesday, February 23, 2011

SharePoint ULS Log reader

If you are wondering what ULS logging means, then let me explain you. We all know that from old traditional days where we used to write ASP.NET applications (we still write, but this is about SharePoint) we can capture the log from out code using event logs that is built in Windows.

With the SharePoint, things have changed as far as logging is concern, you can still use old style event log, and however there is one dedicated logging method available for SharePoint which is Log files in 12 hives. You can find Log under 12 hive structure folders.

Logging size and when to clear the log and rest of the stuff can be handled from central administration site. So that is the best way to log your entries with severity options so that you can trace your code execution.

If you are interested in knowing how to use this ULS (Universal logging service), then stay tuned to SharePointKings because we are soon going to post one simple yet informative post on how to use it and utilize it.

Well, this post is probably one step after you have recorded your logging and this is about viewing what you have logged in your code.

In codeplex, we have ULS reader / viewer wsp available which can be deployed in SharePoint and then can be viewed log file view on a page.

More on Codeplex WSS / MOSS Log File Reader


Anonymous said...

very useful and professional. would love to see post on this.

zylog system said...

Its informative and usable for share point builders.

I would like to say thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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