Thursday, September 2, 2010

SharePoint designer does not update email body and email 'to' list

Hi All,

Well here comes one more limitation of SharePoint Designer 2007. I have created one workflow which sends an email for some action. Now I needed to add one more person into email list. So I went to SharePoint designer workflow, and changed to list by adding person email.

I was comfortable thinking that now mail also will go to new person whom I included. But wait a minute, this does not seems to be true, when somebody created new item, mail went off, however new person whom I included didn’t get that mail.

Okay, this is one problem. What is next? Next is the email body problem. I changed the email body as well to include some more details and some formatting, however even this does not seem to be reflecting in the email.

Hence I went through several articles and finally come to know that once it is applied to the list, then you cannot make such changes for emails. Even though you may feel after clicking final finish button that workflow is updating, but it is not.

So I had to recreate entire workflow just to include one more person and to change email body. I am not sure if this problem still persists in SharePoint Designer 2010. Yet have to experiment on this.


Rudi said...

This has come up time and time again. Suprised you are only first seeing it now. It sounds like a case of having to clear the WAC (Workflow Assembly Cache)

Yurtdışı Eğitim said...

It seems like a very good web site but my English is not good. It would be great if it might be availible in other languages too. But, I like this web site very much, thank you very much share this information.

SharePoint Kings said...

Hi Yurtdışı Eğitim,
you can use a feature listed on the right side of article
"Translate SharePoint Kings to your own language"

you can select your own language from that list.

Hope this helps.

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