Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Advantages and limitations of Site definition and site template

Hi All,

This is really a simple post about advantages and limitation of site template and site definition. Although a little old topic. However, In learning, nothing is old. it is as new as today’s date.

Still many times same question being asked in the interview and we may not be able to answer properly on this question.

This post is the answer of that question.

Advantages of site template

• Data is stored in SQL server content database and so there is no need of synchronization.
• Custom templates are easy to create.
• Customization can be achieved from browser.
• Templates are easy to deploy.
• You can easily use SharePoint designer to make the changes on the site and then create the site template.

Advantages of site definition

• Data is stored on web server, so performance is better.
• You can customize list or document library at deep level.
• You can group your site definition under different tabs on site creation page.
• Defining new menu or performing specific action like sending an email, generating lookup values are possible through site definition.

Limitation of site template

• Less efficient in terms of large scale environment.
• All site templates appear under custom tab while creating site.
• If site template is based on site definition, then that site definition must be on web front server for custom template to work.

Limitation of site definition

• Requires developer skill.
• Editing site definition after deployment is difficult.
• Cannot apply SharePoint from site definition.
• (Sounds interesting, but yes) user cannot create two lists of the same type with different default content.
• Site definition must be deployed on each web server.

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Adam Woodruff said...

Just had this discussion with Joel and Ben Curry the other day. Thanks for the info.

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