Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to know the site template out of the box

Hi All,

Many times we come across to a situation where we cannot write a code and site is completely branded. Hence we cannot make a decision on which template the site is created with.

Here is a way to know which template site is created in. you must be a site collection administrator to do this.

1) Save site as template into site template gallery.
2) Save that template from gallery to your local machine.
3) Change the file extension to the .cab.
4) Extract manifest.xml file.
5) Check out the TemplateID in that.
6) This ID tells you which template the site was created in.

If site template is any of the below, then it is that site. If it’s above 1000, then it should be custom.

ID 0 = Global, Configuration 0 = Global Template
ID 1 = STS or SharePoint Team Site, Config 0 = Team Site
ID 1, Config 1 = Blank Site
ID 1, Config 2 = Document Workspace
ID 2 = MPS, or Meeting Place Sites, Config 0 = Basic Meeting Workspace
ID 2, Config 1 = Blank Meeting Workspace
ID 2, Config 2 = Decision Meeting Workspace
ID 2, Config 3 = Social Meeting Workspace
ID 2, Config 4 = Multipage Meeting Workspace
ID 3 = Centraladmin, config 0 - Central Admin Site
ID 4 = WIKI, Config 0 = Wiki site
ID5, Config 0 = Blog

Thanks to John Creevy for this solution.

Hope this will help you.

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