Wednesday, July 1, 2009

SharePoint 2010 is coming

Hi All,

Here I am with something very interesting and new things coming up in the market soon. Yes we are going to talk about next version of SharePoint server and also other technologies that will help out new version of SharePoint. New version of SharePoint is called SharePoint server 2010 instead of moss 2010. They have removed the name Office as now they want office to be used for office suit only. So now onwards we will call it as SharePoint Server 2010.

• If you know about Microsoft Groove then this news is for you. Groove will be known as SharePoint Workspace Manager. SharePoint Workspace Manager and OneNote will be a part of the Office 2010 ProPlus SKU.

• SharePoint Server 2010 will support only 64 - bit. It will require 64 bit Windows Server 2008 or 64 bit Windows Server 2008 R2. In addition to this, it will require 64 bit version of SQL Server 2008 or 64-bit version of SQL Server 2005. No more 32 bits.

• Forget IE 6. SharePoint Server will not support any IE browser < 7. It will require browser to be IE 7or higher. Now they are targeting only XHTML 1.0 compliant like IE 7, IE 8, and Firefox 3.x. In addition to this they are also planning to increase the level of compatibility with Firefox 3.x and Safari 3.x on non windows platforms.

• Now turn of Web Enabled Ribbon control. We all know about the ribbon controls in Office 2007. Now they will also be there for web version.

• New concept of Faceted Search is coming. Yet to hear more on this as of now. It might be included as OOTB in SharePoint 2010.

• FAST Search is coming. A new version of FAST Search for SharePoint. They will stop scaling search for documents more than 50 millions. For this purpose they will now use FAST Search.

• Support on mapping list to its own database tables offering better performance and scalability on large SharePoint list.

• Visual Studio 2010 will include support of developing web parts, feature, solutions and content types.

• We will be able to build, deploy and debug the applications right from Visual Studio 2010. Just Hit F5 and deploy and start debugging. Now this is a big relief.

• New Server explorer in Visual Studio that will allow us to navigate to lists, document libraries from site.

So be prepared to learn new version of SharePoint soon but I guess lot to explore more but yes at lot more expense. Tell you what, lot more money requires now to get all this. :) (Obviously Windows Server 2008 64 bit, SQL Server 2008 64 bit and Visual Studio 2010 – along with this, hardware supports. You can count the money now :))

I would like to thank Lar's blog , MSDN SharePoint Team Blog and Mary-Jo Foley for sharing this information.

Till now everybody has idea about the requirements and similar stuff. What actually will be the additions as development and other OOTB features is still a question for us. We all are waiting to get this information. As soon as we will find anything, I will be definitely keen to post it.


Danny Boulanger said...

Regarding SharePoint Workspace 2010! Looks like that it might not work with SharePoint 2007. I am doing a technical review and can not make it work. Did you make some test?

Danny Boulanger
Product specialist

SharePoint Kings said...

Yes Danny we are also working on the same and also facing many problems.

another 2010 links

Anonymous said...

If in case, we want to use SharePoint 2010 on IE 6.0, then are there any settings available, we can do to IE / SharePoint?

SharePoint Kings said...

why you need setting?,

are you finding any problem to open SP2010 in IE 6.0?

we had not tried that.

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