Sunday, February 15, 2009

SharePoint Confusion.

Dear Readers,
As you know we all are using SharePoint since a long time now.
But still we are confused with a simple point.
What to use while SharePoint Development?

we have a simple scenario(s).

Scenario 1:

We are storing data in the list. You can consider that data is for Order List.
There are multiple people or group working on that order and we want to map that.

Now if we want to achieve this functionality in standard web application then we store order items in one table and number of people or group working on that order stored in another table with OrderID (Multiple rows). And fetch information with inner join.

But same thing if we want to go for SharePoint then we have two ways
1) Create another list and store Order List Item id (Lookup or manually maintained) with people or group working on that order. So this will work like two tables.
2) Create another Column in order list with people picker in same order list with multiple selections. So we can figure out how many people are working in the same order.

Now functionality wise both the way is fine.

But which will be the best way?
Simply saying we don’t have an answer.

We used both in different application but won’t find difference (till now).

But both the case has its own positive and negative point.

In one every time we need to have instantiate extra list object and fetch data and in another we can reach the limitation maximum number of user in a column. (No limit has been defined but we had not tried 1000+ different user in same people picker) and find specific one by looping with “;#” separation or ID separation.

So we want your inputs if any one facing any problem and solved it by any way Or we are sure that every one has this kind if confusion which will be better for longer run Or these kinds of scenario then share that with us and all the reader so that every one will be benefited.

We will update more such scenario(s) soon and also update your scenario(s).

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